12 Things I’ve Loved about my First 12 Months of Marriage

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

I can’t believe it’s only been a year of marriage so far! It feels as if we have made too many exciting memories and reached too many milestones in such a short span of time that I must be mistaken, but my calendar reminds me that a mere 12 months have passed. Upon my recent reflections over the past year, I have thought of 12 of my favorite things about being married to my wife for the past 12 months. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. I love coming home to her every night. Whether my day was full of stressful work or exciting news, I get to come home to her beautiful, smiling face every night. I know that she’ll be happy to see me, I’ll be happy to see her, and we’ll get to share our joys and sorrows of the day together over a meal.

2. I love the way she laughs and smiles all the time. I’ve had numerous people tell me that my wife is the happiest, most easy-going person they know, and I can’t agree more. She has a cute smile and her laugh is infectious. I love when she really gets laughing during a funny movie, a stand-up comedy routine, or when joking with friends. Granted, I got to hear her laugh before we were married, but i get to hear it a lot more now that we live together.

3. I love getting to go to bed and wake up next to her. After years of dating and having to drive home tired after saying goodnight, the relief and intimacy of finally getting to fall asleep side-by-side is tremendous. My favorite time is Saturday mornings, when we can sleep in together and relax without a care about the world outside our apartment.

4. I love getting to see her sweetness, hospitality, and care expressed even more now that we have our own place. I’ve always known she was sweet and thoughtful. After all, that was one of her traits that attracted me to her in the first place. However, now that we have a home to which we can invite friends and in which she can host a Bible study, I’ve gotten to observe how welcoming and hospitable she is. I love that about her, and I can’t wait to see it expressed even more when we have our own home and family one day.

5. I love having her unwavering support. My wife is the most supportive person I know. She listens with care as I express concerns about work or plans for the future. She spoils me with her thoughtfulness, giving me back rubs to relieve my knotted muscles after a day at the office and preparing dinner even when she’s tired. Just today, I have been bogged down a bit with a cold, and she has made me multiple cups of hot tea, brought me chicken noodle soup, and has done everything she can to help me feel better. I never worry that she would be anything less than supportive if something tragic should happen to my health or job, or if we encountered any other difficulty. A wife’s undying support is the dream of every husband, and I count myself extremely blessed with hers.

6. I love taking walks with her. We’ve started to do this more often, and it never fails to be the highlight of my day. Our walks, whether along a sandy beach or just around our neighborhood, almost always lead to us reflecting on God’s faithfulness to us and our exciting plans for the future. When we were dating and engaged, we would go for walks and talk about what we looked forward to about being married, what kind of jobs we might want to pursue, where we would want our apartment to be and what it would be like to have our own place together. Recently, our talks have tended to revolve around how content we are with where God has us in life right now, what kind of job she would be best suited for, and what kind of house we might want to buy in the future. Our conversations on walks tend to be forward-looking and hopeful, and the undistracted time alone together is a beautiful thing.

7. I love that we don’t fight a lot. Sure, we have our moments, but she is so easy-going and forgiving that getting along is way easier than it should be with a selfish guy like me. She’s patient with me when I leave the toilet seat up or forget to offer her a drink when I’m getting myself one at dinner. In many ways, I expected the first year to be much more difficult in terms of conflict after hearing so much advice to that effect, but it’s been fairly smooth sailing. All of this can be attributed to her sweet character and definitely not mine!

8. I love that she encourages me to get out more and try to be more adventurous. Being more of an introvert and bookworm, my tendency is to stay in and read or relax. She’s definitely the more adventurous and outdoorsy one. I really do enjoy the outdoors and adventures, taking hikes and going camping, but I need to be encouraged to do these things or I would let the opportunities slip away. She helps me have more fun and not regret passing up opportunities to make memories.

9. I love that she plans out our lives. My skills are nearly non-existent in the planning and scheduling department, but she makes up for my insufficiency. I love that she plans  hangouts with friends, as these opportunities might get overlooked by my lack of planning (despite my desire to do these things more often). She plans out trips, outings, and vacations, and always makes sure to keep birthdays and holidays on our radar.

10. I love that we get to share meals together at home now. Coming home after work to a home-cooked dinner is wonderful, and there’s nobody I would rather spend that time with. Her cooking skills are always improving with her desire to serve me well, and I appreciate it more than she knows.

11. I love that we have our own home with privacy and independence. We absolutely love our families and spending time with them, but moving out and having our freedom and independence has been amazing. The feeling of shared responsibility and a home we get to make our own is deeply satisfying. Our home is our sanctuary, and we get to take on the world together from this modest little one-bedroom apartment. I wouldn’t have it any other way and we’re thankful God has provided us with the means for our own place. Living together is so good!

12. I love being married to someone who is positive and optimistic about life. No matter how difficult the challenges she faces, she continues to see the brightest aspects of those challenges. Things could always be worse from her perspective, and she really lives with contentment and joy. Chances are you will not see a smile missing from her face even amidst stressful times because she still sees the good in her life more than the bad.

Ambrey, thank you for sharing your life with me for these past 12 months. You’re my role model and I want to learn to be more like you when I grow up! Thank you for supporting me with happiness and joy, and for making me happier than I’ve ever been. I love you more than you can imagine. Happy one year anniversary, my beautiful bride!




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