Geeking Out to the Glory of God

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Once again, I’ve found myself with about 20 minutes until class starts and a thought I can’t get off my mind…

Don’t you just love watching somebody geek about about something? Math professors seem particularly prone to this seemingly unprovoked ranting about the glories of a mathematically concept. In ninth grade, I had a the most enthusiastic teacher I’ve ever had teach me geometry, and it was one of the most enjoyable classes I ever took. Most people proofs and theorems, but to Mrs. Styker, proving the Pythagorean Theorem seemed to hold more excitement than opening presents on Christmas morning. For 5 of my math classes in college (Trigonometry, Precalc, Calculus I & II, and Discrete Structures), I had a professor named Chris Jones who explained things more clearly and was more helpful than almost any other teacher I’ve ever had. Once again, he was known to rant about the beauty of mathematical order and the ways you can manipulate values to get what you’re looking for. He was even known to describe mathematical concepts as “sexy” (as in, “…and that’s how you can use the integrals of two functions to find the area bounded by a curve. That’s sexy.”).

I’ve been known to geek out about all kinds of topics: drumming, computers, English grammar, language, etc. We consider it to be geeking out when somebody gets more excited about something than seems appropriate given the topic. For example, we all use computers, but to get excited and discuss processors and memory seems geeky to most. However, I think that getting excited about some field that someone has learned a lot about brings glory to God. In the example of math teachers, God created the world in an ordered, reasonable way such that mathematical concepts can be applied to figure out and predict how things work. Excitement about those universal rules seems to be a manifestation of a greater appreciation for God’s order than most people have, and thus I believe it is because we are in the image of God that we find beauty in that (some more than others). I think it is beautiful that God creates us all with different interests, as I believe it shows we all have varying levels of appreciation for the way God has created his universe.

I’ll probably expand on this later, but that’s all for now. Keep geekin’ out to the glory of God!


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