Wearing a Ravens Jersey is Like Being a Christian?

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you just saw the title of this post, you probably came either as a Ravens fan to show your support (even if it seems a bit like hyperbole), or to harass me for my sacrilege and heresy. But as I was walking down the streets in Pittsburgh toward Heinz Field, home of the Steelers, wearing my Terrell Suggs Ravens Jersey, I had this distinct feeling: “This is sort of like what it’s like to be a Christian.” You see, there were Steelers fans at one corner yelling all kinds of profanities at us and yelling at us to go home. Yet, as I listened to the screaming filth, I couldn’t help but smile more as the trash-talk got more intense. I had come to represent my home team, and my pride and confidence in the Ravens only increased with the volume of cursing. At the end of the walk to the stadium, I only wished it had been more intense so that the victory would be even more sweet at the end. Obviously, the parallel to being a Christian ends here, as the Ravens lost in such a disappointing fashion to the Steelers in the 4th quarter.

But as Christians, we can read to the end of the Book and know the final outcome. This doesn’t mean we should talk trash to non-believers or be in-your-face about how we are right and they are wrong, but it should produce a joyful attitude toward persecution. Walking through Pittsburgh toward the stadium, I didn’t want to hide my jersey under my coat, even if it was freezing out! I welcomed the insults and mockery because I was confident in my team and wanted everyone to know who I thought was going to have the final victory. What if we took this approach to our faith? I’m not talking about putting on a cheesy Christian t-shirt that says something like “Abreadcrumb and Fish” or “A Blood Donor Saved My Life”, and I’m not talking about blinging out with cross-shaped Silly-Bandz. But what if we walked onto our college campuses and classrooms with a bold, confident stance to represent Christ to atheistic professors and classmates. What if we didn’t try to hide our Christian beliefs and convictions from our bosses and co-workers in the name of “building relationships,” when we’ve been “building” them for years with only subtle references to God here and there? What if we welcomed ridicule for the sake of Christ and so that others might know God? What if we know Who is going to win in the end, and we’re hiding our jerseys?


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