Blessings Galore

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yeah, yeah, so I’m writing this before the 3 months are up. I had a wonderful time on my Internet break, but I felt like it had the effect on me I was hoping it would. It just seemed like the time to exercise self-control rather than abstain completely were in order. Sure, I could stay off for another month, but I would be just as likely after that as I am now to get sucked back into the time-wasting quagmire. Anyway, during my time away, my eyes have been opened to so many blessings around me. “My cup runneth over,” as Psalm 23:5 says, and it’s spilling over into every area of my life. Hopefully this will encourage you to see that your cup is also overflowing with God’s blessings in different ways. I know it feels at times as if he’s forgotten to fill up your cup, like the new waiter at a restaurant that is overwhelmed with everyone else’s requests and demands to get you a refill.

1) I have salvation!
“Novel idea, Steve! Brilliant insight…What a magnificent intellect you posses to plumb such depths of spiritual wisdom,” you say. Admit it, that’s what you just said in your mind, verbatim. What do you mean I’m putting words in your mouth? Anyhow, I know the fact that I’ve been saved from a destiny of hell is no new philosophical insight, but that’s exactly the beauty of it. The message of Jesus dying on a cross for my sins is a truth that I embraced at the age of 5 or 6, and it’s the same truth I cherish now! How gracious a God we serve that we can be rescued at any stage of life, and that our salvation is not in any way dependent on our intellectual prowess or mystical enlightenment. Coming from a guy who has messed up making frozen pizza (to this day I’m convinced the cardboard circle and the pizza were conspiring to humiliate me), I’m glad my intelligence has nothing to do with my eternity with God.

2) I have a job and an income.
Though at times, it feels monotonous and tedious, my job at Chick-Fil-A is a blessing. If there’s one thing that working in fast food does, it’s open your eyes to the reality that a lot of people think time stands still when the world is graced with their presence. Maybe they mistake the maroon rug for a Hollywood red carpet, because something happens when people think the relationship between them and you is prince/peasant. “Servant boy, fetch me a goblet of something cool and refreshing.” Anyway, the fact is, I have an income that allows me to support not only my needs, but also some things to enjoy like drum equipment and books. This is so much more than can be said of so many people around the world…which brings me to my next point

3) I get to sponsor two kids
Because I have been blessed with an income, meager as it may be by some standards, I get to sponsor two little kids internationally. About two years ago, I started sponsoring through Compassion International a little four-year-old Columbian boy named Daniel. Daniel tells me he wants to be a drummer when he grows up, which I couldn’t be more stoked about. He also asks me to pray that his dad will leave his mistress and come home. I’m not sure there are many things that jerk at your heart like getting a hand-drawn picture of a family without a dad from a five-year-old who knows that his dad left his mom for another woman. It’s been a pure joy to be his sponsor for the past two years and see him grow physically and spiritually (and man, is he growing fast!). Starting December 1st, I get to sponsor a little 8-year-old girl from Zambia through Covenant Mercies. She lost her father in a traffic accident and her mom hasn’t had the funds to send her to school. Reading this in the email bio I received definitely made me fight tears, and again I couldn’t be happier to support this girl. What a blessing to be a small part of a work that helps these kids get the food, water, and education they need, while teaching them the message of Jesus Christ. Thanks so much to Compassion and Covenant Mercies for the wonderful work they do every day!

I’ll have to continue this list later, since I need to get back to some schoolwork. How have you seen God’s blessings recently?


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