Where are the Guys?

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Have you ever showed up to a church event and thought, “Did I make a mistake and come to a Gilmore Girls viewing party? Is this a ballet class? Maybe I accidentally showed up for a screening of Oprah?” The proportion of women to men is so often astronomical (I had to type out astronomical about 57 times before I got it right, since my fingers don’t seem to like that word). Also, since I mentioned Gilmore Girls, let me enrich your life by publicly banning such a ridiculous show. It has enough dialogue in one episode for 5 full length movies, and as for the plot, even the writers of Napoleon Dynamite are left saying, “What is the point of this?” Moving on…

Why are there so few guys at any church functions? Last year, I was often the only male in my small group besides the leader, and this year I’ve got one or two wingmen that show up week to week. Music rehearsals, youth events, singles’ events, you name it, there is probably at least a 2-1 women to men ratio. Even our Christian Club over at the college that Eric and I have been privileged to start back up has noticeably more girls than guys. I have noticed that when the ages start getting higher, men are more and more faithful to start attending and serving, but at least in this age bracket of high school- and college-aged, participation is largely female.

Am I missing something? We as men are the ones who will one day, Lord willing, be in charge of leading and serving a wife and family. We’re the ones called to sacrifice for and lead in our churches. If now is time to begin preparing for those roles, I’m afraid we’re going to see a generation of ill-equipped men. Guys, let’s take advantage of the opportunities we have in our churches to train for that day that most of us are called to where we will be leading our kids in devotions, teaching them to pray, showing them what it means to serve others with our lives. If we don’t, who are we assuming will? And if we acknowledge that we are the ones who will likely be called to such things, why are we slacking in our preparation for that time?

Let’s man up and show up.

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