Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Praise

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

When I worked at New Life Bible Camp (which is another post for another time), we used “Spir-Apps” for every game or activity we did with the campers. For example, “There’s a rock on this rock wall that looks like it would be really good to grab on to to pull yourself up, but it slips every single time. That’s kind of like in life, when there are things that look good, such as shameful movies or rebellious friends, that we latch onto for happiness. They look promising, but you will slip. We are like the wise counselors in your life (parents, pastors, etc.) who warn you against those things to keep you from falling.”

I’ve always enjoyed thinking of spiritual object lessons for mundane things (as evidenced by my Mentadent Theology post awhile back), but spir-apping all day long for 2 months has helped me try to think of the most routine things in terms of the way they help me see my relationship with God.

So, the other day, I was tuning my new snare drum because it had a nasty buzzing sound to it. When I began tuning, I realized the bottom head was tuned way too high and was resonating far too long, causing the snare wires to buzz. The thought crossed my mind, “This needs to be brought down before it can sound good.” In drum terminology, “bringing it down” refers to loosening the tension and therefore pitch of the drum. However, I realized that the statement that popped into my mind applies directly to me. I must be brought down before I can be effective for God. Before I can understand the depth of love God has shown me by sending his Son to die for me, I have to be brought so much lower than I am. You see, the bottom head of a drum is called the resonant head, as it resonates and gives more tone to the vibrations caused by striking the top head. In the same way, I am called to reflect or resonate God’s love which has been shown to me.

Let’s be brought low.


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