Winter Reading List

Posted: December 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

After next week, I have six weeks free of school, free from a major portion of my current responsibilities. Not wanting to waste this time, I’m looking to build a winter reading list of 6 books (roughly one per week, don’t want to rush through them), but I’d appreciate some help/input:

1. A book on stress. I’m hoping to find a God-centered book on stress: how to manage it and trust God’s sovereign goodness, etc. Any recommendations?

2. Going along with stress, I’m hoping to find a book on effective time-management, preferably from a Christian who will prioritize spending time on spiritual disciplines and things of that nature, but not necessarily so. Help?

3. I’ve been meaning to read To Kill A Mockingbird for a long time. Somehow I managed to slip through high school without reading it, so, not wanting to be a literary ignoramus, I need to get this one under my belt (Side note: I had to look up the expression “under my belt” to see where it came from. Here’s what I found: “This metaphoric expression likens food that has been consumed to an experience that has been digested.”)

4 and 5: Open to recommendation

6: It’s been awhile since I spent some time with my good ol’ Puritan pal John Owen, so I’ll probably see if I can get a hold of another one of his books. Perhaps Doctrine of Justification or Glory of Christ. I put this one last because it will probably take more than a week to read something by him, so if it stretches into school, that’s fine with me.

Looking forward to the suggestions!

  1. Michelle says:

    “To Kill a Mockingbird” is one of my favorite books of all time.

    I would also recommend “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumas, or another one of his, “The Three Musketeers.” They are also two of my favorites. They’re a little on the longer side, though.

  2. Laurie says:

    Well since you asked…
    1. Stress? Let me know if you find a good book about stress!
    2. Time management? Maybe I could write this. “Do it now, baby. Don’t just think about it.” Okay all jesting adside, Let me know if you find a good time management/spiritual discipline type book also.
    3. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is a must read. Period. It is one of the best stories I have ever read. It is delightful and captivating. This is one to get “under your belt”. It is one of the books I have enjoyed reading and re-reading.
    4, 5. C.J. Mahaney wrote a book called “Humility True Greatness” which is a great little book about…humility, a small book packed with humble greatness.
    (small book 174 pages.)
    6. You’ve inspired me to read some Owens. He is such a familiar name and so often quoted, I should read one of his works.
    Happy Reading!
    Happy Break time!

  3. Stephen says:

    Michelle: I may just read Count of Monte Cristo. The movie was absolutely amazing, so if the book is even better, I’m in for a treat. Thanks for the tip.

    Mrs. Laurie: C.J.’s book on Humility really is a good one, and I may consider going through it once more (this time with a highlighter, I don’t know why I forgot that the first time around).

    As for John Owen, I can highly recommend any of his treatises on Indwelling Sin, Temptation, and Mortification of Sin. And what do you know, there’s a compilation book put together by Justin Taylor called “Overcoming Sin and Temptation” that puts them all together with a little bit of editing for the small archaic words (thee, thou, etc. Although, I kind of prefer them left how they are). I did my Senior research paper on his life last year in high school, and he was truly a man who longed for godliness and sacrificed much for it. His gift of expounding deep theological truths is, in my opinion, still unsurpassed by anyone else I’ve read so far. Be sure to keep a dictionary by your side as you read, though!

  4. krista says:

    Hi Stephen,
    How I escaped having you as a student is truly a shame. I LOVE “To Kill A Mockingbird”! I agree it is a must read. Period.

    Another I’d highly recommend, though it’s lengthy (and you definately don’t want to rush through it) is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. One of my absolute favorites.

    Enjoy your break!
    Mrs. Winkler

  5. Laurie says:

    It sounds like you need to get your hands and eyes on a copy of “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
    I found and bought a first published original copyright 1960 copy at a thrift shop. I also have it in paperback. They all read the same, but I’d let you borrow the original if I could.
    Okay. I’ve encouraged all I can. Let me know if you like it.

    “Lawyers, I suppose, were children once.”
    is a quote by Charles Lamb and is inscribed just after the dedication page. (Is there a name for that page?)
    Did you know (You probably did know.) that this book was on the banned book list?

  6. beyondtheoutside says:

    Def read To Kill A Mockingbird.
    1) Trusting God-It’s not exactly about stress, but it’s about how to trust God when stressed sorta kinda. Jerry Bridges is the author btw. Good book. I have it if you wanna borrow.
    That’s all I can think of at the moment.

  7. libby says:

    This is not a classic, nor a “stress” book, or anything else on your list! But my favorite book of this year has been “Devil in the White City” It’s about the Chicago’s World Fair-non-fiction, fascinating, educational, mystery, etc…LOVE it.

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