A Close Look at Facebook

Posted: November 9, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Tonight, Kenneth Maresco from Covenant Life spoke to our youth group (and a few singles) about using internet technology to honor God. Specifically, he talked about using social networking sites like Facebook in a God-glorifying manner.

He began by saying that “Everything has changed,” referring to the unprecedented level of technological advancements, at an exponential rate many can’t even keep up with. He then contrasted this point by saying that, in fact, “Nothing has changed.” What he meant by saying nothing’s changed is that all the underlying Biblical principles for using social networking are the same as they’ve always been.

Just today, I wasted hours reading Chuck Norris jokes, and watching videos of Lord of the Rings parodies as well as a guy singing a mash-up of theme songs to a Star Wars parody theme. I know, productive stuff.

I was encouraged tonight to prioritize my time, to make sure my attention is focused in the right order: God, responsibilities, others, then maybe Facebook. I was also inspired to use Facebook to encourage and keep in touch with others. Basically, I want to use my time on there with limits and purpose rather than mindlessly cruise around the site, looking for the next thoughtless thing to distract me from priorities.

“Life is brief,” he pointed out. I don’t want to toss it in the cyber garbage can, investing countless hours in the plummeting stock of a wasteland that will pay back no lasting dividends.

Perhaps God is convicting you about the amount of time you spend online as well. If so, join me in giving up some of my internet usage time for awhile. God knows we’re not going to miss anything by doing so, and He will show us a lot about himself and us as we allow ourselves to think, uninhibited by these distractions.

For those interested in listening to the message, you can download it here (this is the same message, but this recording is from him preaching to his own church).


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