The One in Whom Our Hope Rests

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Last night marked an unarguably historic moment in American history. Barack Obama is our new President. With his victory and celebratory anticipation, however, has come the expected groanings from many of the opposition. I want challenge two groups right now.

For the first, I challenge those of us who do not support Obama to refrain from joining in the disparaging cries of bitter resentment. In refusing to do so, we reveal a pessimistic unbelief in the sovereignty of God over human history. Pitiful complaints do not bring honor to God, as if somehow we please him by saying, “well, God, if things go downhill, remember I was always against him.” It’s almost as if we’re gearing up for a massive “I told you so” moment. Such pessimism raises man to a level unfit for mortal creatures. It blurs the distinction between man’s power and God’s power by saying our nation’s future lies in the hands of one person. Let’s understand that the will of God is unavoidable, inescapable. Our hope doesn’t rest in any president. God is the supreme Governor, and the only one who has never failed to fulfill a promise.

For those in support of Obama, I bring up one cautionary point. Please, in celebrating, don’t go to the extreme of expecting perfect change from him. No man can meet the expectations of an entire nation, especially the ones many have placed on our new President. We will never have a perfect economy, a perfect educational system, or a perfect environment, but that’s ok. No such utopia exists on this earth. Expecting perfection from a human will only bring disappointment, but remembering who your Comforter is in difficulty is crucial to a joyful life.

With those two things being said, let’s praise God that we live in a land of freedom in which we have the privilege of voting for our leaders. Let’s anticipate a wonderful future, knowing the One who is in control.


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