Putting Blinders On

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Last week, as Sarah and I were coming home from school, we were at a red light. A middle-aged woman asked us if we knew where Harford Mall was located. Sarah informed her that it was just down the road a bit, and after thanking us she started on her way. I noticed she was walking a little slow, but I didn’t think much of it. Sarah quickly suggested to me that we offer her a ride, but I hesitated. “She’ll be ok,” I said. I thought, “We’re at a red light, what if it turns green while she’s coming around to get in? People will be upset. Besides, there’s so much junk in here from school, we’d have to move everything around. By the time I do that, I reasoned, the light will surely be green and this line of cars behind us won’t be pleased. I mean, we’ve been out driving around for at least an hour now and I’m tired. I just want to get home….” Excuse after terrible excuse shot rapidly through my mind, but I knew Sarah was right. We should give her a ride.

I climbed in the back, and we made our way down to the mall. Sarah, thinking quickly, turned on the new Sovereign Grace Psalms CD at a moderate level as she conversed with the woman. She may not have been “evangelizing” in the sense that most think of it today, but this woman heard the name of Jesus being exalted as we served her. After expressing her gratitude, she got out and waited for her bus. Conviction set in for me as soon as the door shut.

I looked back at my thought process with utter shame. I was so self-absorbed, caring only for my immediate pleasure, that I would have thought nothing of passing up a God-given opportunity like this. Every excuse I made revealed the toxic stench of pride and selfishness spewing from my heart in this particular moment. I sometimes pray in the morning that God will bring opportunities my way to serve and glorify him. He faithfully obliges all the time. I just run by them with blinders on.

Thank you, Jesus, that you did not think so highly of yourself that you ignored the needs of others. Thank you that you care so dearly for the needy and the helpless. I am one of those needy and helpless people who needs your grace every day. Thank you that I don’t have to feel condemned about failures like this one, but can know that it is forgiven because of the gospel. I want to be more like you, Jesus, and I want to be a man on a mission to find each opportunity to serve others, Help me to embrace every chance to humbly serve people as you did in your earthly ministry 2,000 years ago. All glory belongs to you!

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m just glad you were in the car so I could offer a ride.

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